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Raleigh, NC


I have always been a Freedom Fighter deep down inside. I was a foster mom when my oldest was little and have felt a burden for the innocent, the marginalized and the ones everyone forgets. We actually started Gabbie's Goodies in 2011 and it grew so fast! We also adopted our son from the foster care system and the busy new business coupled with caring for his special needs and his older brother and sister meant my dream of Gabbie's Goodies needed to take a back seat. 
Four years ago I found Trades of Hope and that inner Freedom Fighter rejoiced! Trades of Hope uses business to help women get themselves out of desperate situations, poverty and sweat shops. When a woman has a job that pays her fair trade wages she can care for her children, contribute to her community and experience hope and freedom! So I became a Compassionate Entrepreneur in 2014 and it has been the most empowering and amazing journey. And it has allowed me to stay home with my children (we added my sweet daughter to our family in 2014) and now to relaunch Gabbie's Goodies!
My long term goal is to marry my love of helping women through Trades of Hope with Gabbie's Goodies by opening a Fair Trade Shop here in Raleigh where you can come in to be a part of changing the lives of women locally (I plan to employ local women who need a 2nd chance) and be a part of changing lives all across the globe. All while sipping Fair Trade coffee and nibbling on bonbons! Sounds amazing, right?